IELTS Practice Tests

Quit Procrastinating - Start Practicing

One of the most important thing you can do when preparing for your test is taking practice tests. The saying goes, "Practice Makes Perfect," and if you want a good test score, then you should try to take as many practice tests as possible.

Why Practice Tests Are Simple and Easy

In our experience, we’ve found that an effective way to prepare for your test is simple: take practice tests until you know the test inside out. You will learn by doing.

This is really common sense- when athletes train for sporting events, they don’t gather in a room and just talk about what they’re going to do- they train for the event through doing the activity (running, workouts, etc) over and over again until their bodies adapt to the activity and it becomes a hard-wired second nature in their brains.

You can use this same technique- it’s not complicated, and it doesn’t require a lot of money. Repetition is the key - it's the way we learn, and the way to learn a test is to take practice tests as many times as you can.

How To Find Reliable Practice Tests

First, find a source of reliable practice tests. Sometimes, the best source will be the test writers (the official organization that gives the test). However, there can be problems with this approach.

  1. Sometimes there are only a few practice tests available, or sometimes none at all.

  2. As a test taker, you want to “beat” the test. The test writers don’t want that to happen. Sometimes practice tests are old and outdated, and do not reflect the test’s current content.

Since taking practice tests is so important at helping you improve your score, you should be sure that the practice tests you're using are as close to the real thing as possible.

Why You Should Consider Our Practice Tests

We’ve pioneered a simple but effective way of writing practice tests.

  1. We've examined the test ourselves, and build our practice tests as closely to the real, official test as possible.

  2. Then, we continually monitor the administration of the test to pick up on any changes in the question format, material covered, or subject areas on the test.

  3. We update our practice test if any changes are made to the official test.

It’s simple and it works.

What Our Practice Tests Cover

Our practice tests will test you in all the individual subtest areas. We try to make sure that our practice tests will help guarantee that your test day is a success. We cover every question type and all subject areas.

Once you take real practice tests to help you get ready, you'll have an incredible advantage when you start to take your test. You'll know what to expect and will have prepared in advance!

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

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The question you have to ask is this: How much is my peace of mind worth? How much is my future success worth? With our guarantee, the only risk is if you do NOT order and take advantage of our risk-free trial.

How To Order Your IELTS Practice Tests Right Now

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Please keep in mind this book comes as a downloadable ebook, so you can move it from computer to computer, or email it to a different email account if you wish. Basically, if you're reading this web page, you have everything you need to start taking IELTS practice tests right away.

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